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Thanks Dee!

Teresa and I were so pleased with the video of our wedding that you produced; it far exceeded our expectations.  We took the tape and showed it to the people that could not attend the ceremony in person. Everyone loved it! Teresa and I enthusiastically recommend that everyone should use your services for their weddings and family reunions.  The resulting videos and DVDs memorialize the personality of everyone appearing on it for later as a source of family identity for them.  For the bride and groom, it is a clear reminder of the all important start of marriage.

Thanks again,

John Leaptrott

Dear Dee,

I wanted to write and express my thanks for the incredible job that you did on our wedding video.  Everyone who watches the video raves about the quality of the tape.  The digital editing and special effects are amazing!  You truly captured the essence of our wedding and we could not be happier.  It was a pleasure working with you and your staff.  If you should ever need a reference, we would be happy to relate our satisfaction with any of your potential clients.

Thank You

Faith Alexander

To whom this may concern,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Dee Doner, of Deenice Productions.  My husband and I had the distinct pleasure of working with Mr. Doner prior to our wedding, during our wedding and after.  Dee was both professional and pleasurable to work with.  He always made us feel comfortable discussing what we wanted from our wedding video and flowed with the many changes that took place prior to the big day.  With his talents, he made our wedding video a work of art.  We watch it constantly and say, ìIs this us?î  When we first began planning our wedding, we thought we hired a video production company, but when it was finished, we knew we had made a friend.


Michele Scavone Stone

Andrew Stone


To whom this may concern,

Getting married is one of the most special times in the lifetime of an individual.  It takes lots of planning, preparation and dedication for the dream to become a reality.  When the day finally arrives, everyone is excited to see the perfect wedding.  But what if you want to see it over again?  What if you want to show it to a relative that was unable to make it to the wedding day?  What if you want to see yourself kiss the bride after 10 years of marriage?  It is for those reasons that we look for a professional videographer to capture our treasured memories for a lifetime.  Dily and I looked for the perfect one.  We went to interviews, we watched many videos, we heard many uplifting promises.  Then we encountered Deenice Productions.  From the beginning we knew that they were the ones for us.  Dee Doner the executive producer and his staff are top line professionals.  They came to our house with their up to date equipment for our prenuptial interview.  With a great sense of humor and a down to earth attitude they worked with us until we were completely satisfied with the final product.  The best part of a video from Deenice is the way they make it personal.  The romantic music that they incorporated.  The computer graphics flashing in and out.  The special effects were just breathtaking for us to watch .  We are really happy with what they did at our wedding. They were always right there capturing the perfect shot.  They interviewed our families and close for a beautiful collage of advice and congratulations.  They took wonderful shots of the church both inside and out, decorations from the flowers to the candles. They are very detailed making sure not to miss an important event.  They were there form when the bride was leaving her house until the bride and groom were leaving for their honeymoon.  Capturing each treasured moment.  On a scale from 1-10 they got an 11 for their dedication, professionalism and creativity.  Our video is like no other.  Unique and perfect from beginning to end.  I would highly recommend Deenice Productions for any type of videography.  They gave us a precious memory that we will cherish for our lifetime. Many companies may promise you the world, but just take a look at our wedding video and see what creativity and the love of videography can do.  We are extremely proud of our video and we are constantly showing it to people.  They always ask who did such a great job?  We say Deenice Productions!


David and Dily Pasos


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to recognize the great work your company has provided.  We were lucky enough to have Deenice Productions video tape our wedding and reception and then create a very elegant video for our family.  The wedding was perfect and your staff was very professional, very courteous and a pleasure to work with.  We never once felt as though they were in the way or intruding.  They did a great job of being in the right place at the right time and the video proves it.  The final video was much more professionally made then I thought possible for what we paid.  The slow motion and the additional music were superb.  I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is considering purchasing a wedding video package.


Michael and Nancy Shelly


Dear Dee,

Absolutely wonderful!  Shannon and I will never forget  our beautiful wedding day and our memories will last forever thanks to the incredible job Deenice Productions did with our video.  In addition to us, our families would also like to send their thanks for capturing the best moments of our young lives together.  I could go on and on about the perfect timing of your editing, the great special effects, or even the hilarious bloopers you provided us.  You have my utmost respect and admiration for your very professional work, your customer service, and your efficient delivery of an outstanding product!  Lastly, I want you to know that every time we watch the video, or DVD, we experience a wave of emotions that brings us from crying to laughter to great joy all over again.  Shannon and I are forever thankful for your kindness and compassion on our wedding day.


Mike and Shannon Akerson

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