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Sydonie Mansion

Sydonie Mansion Wedding Videographer

Established in 1883 and remodeled by famous architect Grosvenor Atterbury in 1903, Sydonie Mansion was once said to be the most significant residential structure in all of Florida. With a total of 42 rooms and over 22 thousand square feet, Sydonie reflects an era of craftsmanship and unique architecture difficult to find in modern homes. It was originally built as the winter retreat for James Laughlin, who was the owner of J&L Steel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sydonie was built in the Mediterranean Revival and asian styles, and primarily designed after Alhambra Castle in Spain. Once a 9000-acre preserve, Sydonie's grounds originally included sculptured gardens with rare plants from around the world, citrus groves, a dairy farm, a power plant, and even a bowling alley. Today, the mansion is available as a wedding and event venue, and is currently open for historic tours.

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